Welcome To Agilink

Agilink’s mission at its inception was to build high quality, scalable software solutions for our clients.  Over time we have realized that building great software is the easy part.  The more difficult part is truly understanding the many businesses and business processes that are encountered as well as understanding the many available solutions.

With over 15 years of experience working for some of the largest companies in the country there is not much that we have not seen.  Our core team has the maturity and experience that allows for both a quick conceptualization of complex ideas and the ability to create the right solutions.   Additionally, we have developed extensive internal processes and software components that allows us to more quickly provide solutions no matter how complex the design.

Our mission today is simply to fully understand our clients’ businesses and to provide the best possible solution for the targeted area of improvement.

Who Is Agilink

To provide the best possible solution for our clients’ targeted area of improvement.  Though this sounds simple, this is not achieved without considerable experience.  Experience that Agilink has.
Software is only as great as the problem it solves or the improvements it creates.
Each of our  clients and our clients’ projects will be given the full consideration of our core team.  Each project  will be completed on time and within budget.
We have over a 15 years of experience delivering solutions both large and small.   Our track record is our proof that  we deliver on projects of any scope.

Some of Our Skills

Custom Software Solutions
Software Architecture and Design
Mobile App Development
.NET (c#, vb), PHP, Swift, SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, 4D